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    Digital marketing without the fluff. We drive sales and leads through strategic digital marketing campaigns.

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    € 10,000,000+

    Return on Investment for clients.

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    noise is the place where businesses come to grow. If you are a business owner looking for a dedicated growth team that’s just as invested in scaling your business as you are or a marketing manger looking for an innovative, cutting edge team to help you maximise your digital marketing efforts then you are in the right place.

    Based on 35 reviews
    powered by Google

    Success across multiple industries




    This client operates in the recruitment sector, we were tasked with generating leads through their online sign up funnel. We are currently generating them sign-ups at an average cost per sign-up of €2.40




    This client operates in the healthcare sector, we were tasked with generating leads through their online booking system. We are currently generating appointments at an average cost per appointment of €8.75

    Construction Machinery



    This client sells construction equipment and machinery, we were tasked with generating leads through their get a quote funnel. We are currently generating leads at an average cost per lead of €10.87

    Restaurant Reservations



    This is a restaurant clients Meta ad campaign. Spending €3,766 we generated the client 678 reservations. We were tasked with driving online reservations and we are currently acquiring them for a cost of €5.55 per reservation




    This is a hospitality clients Facebook ad campaign. Spending €1,198.57 we generated the client €21,299.53 in sales.




    This is an eCommerce clients Facebook ad account. Spending €19,171.92 we generated the client €108,629.67 in sales.

    Client Ad Accounts

    We as an agency specilize in moving the money
    needle and in doing so we focus on 5 key metrics

    Cost Per

    Cost Per New


    Lifetime Value of a Customer

    Profit Margin

    Increase Your Reach,
    Explode Your Sales.

    1. Digital Strategy

      Partner with noise digital marketing agency based in Ireland, our digital marketing experts will review your existing; traffic, customer base, competitors and industry before establishing the best online marketing platforms for you to invest in. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or any other, we will find where your ideal customer lives and get your message in front of them. We then continually evaluate your KPIs and adjust accordingly ensuring you are maintaining the optimal balance between your marketing spend and the results they’re getting.

    2. Paid Ads

      As both Facebook & Google partners you can rest assured you are good hands. We are digital marketing experts who specialize in Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. Here at noise we are an ROI driven digital agency with a proven track record of delivering astounding results for our clients on a consistent basis, with some clients seeing tracked returns on investment as high as 25X.

    3. Social Media Management

      Our social media managers create, manage and grow your social accounts for you. We do it all: idea generation, content creation, disruption, reporting & community engagement. Our team helps to ensure your brand is portrayed correctly and your pages have a coherent design making it distinctively yours. Our social media managers are based in our digital marketing agency in Cork, Ireland, meaning they are there when you need them.

    4. Content Creation

      As a full-service digital marketing agency, we believe it is highly important that all members of our team have an in-depth understanding of the end goal behind the activity they are carrying out and that carries through to our content creation. When shooting photo or video we first review what the objective of the content is, where is it to be published, and who is the target audience. With this in mind, we can go ahead and plan our shoot. Your content should be native to the platform it lives on and be a reflection of your ideal customer. Remember highly polished (stocky feeling) content will rarely perform better on social than what feels native and authentic.

    What our clients say about us

    Latest Case Studies

    Emerald Nursing

    1,100% increase in top-line revenue

    Platforms used

    Mahers pure Coffee

    800% Return on Ad Spend

    Platforms used

    Provided a very professional, well designed and on-time eCommerce platform for our business. Advised on what to exclude as much as what was essential so felt service was custom developed, with a real interest in getting the job done well.
    Philip O'C
    Philip O'C
    31 July 2023
    Working with the guys at Noise was a pleasure. They always got back to me when I required help and were easy to collaborate with. We would recommend Noise ;)
    Twenty Cork
    Twenty Cork
    31 July 2023
    It has been a pleasure to work with Robbie and the team at Noise. From the get go, they stood out from all the other marketing agencies, showed an extremely professional approach to every aspect of the project, and showed genuine exciting in helping us with our new branding. Highly recommend!
    Smiley Dogg
    Smiley Dogg
    28 July 2023
    If you’re looking to scale your business with creative marketing strategies or get a website built and designed I would highly recommend noise. There are a very professional and extremely helpful and hard working on there clients needs. Our business has excelled greatly since working with Noise.
    D tech
    D tech
    27 July 2023
    Robbie and his team provided a diligent and professional service while helping us build our Website
    Mark Patrick Livingstone
    Mark Patrick Livingstone
    27 July 2023
    Working with Noise has been collaborative, professional and creative their team is dynamic in their apporach which is essential to stand-out and get results on-line. They worked hand in hand with our marketing team to manage our social and enhance our content for campaigns. They also undertook a deepdive on our website performance & experience and led a redesign based on insights to enhance the enagegment for clients, families and partners of the Crann Centre
    Louis O'Sullivan
    Louis O'Sullivan
    27 July 2023
    The most pleasant Web Design firm I have had the pleasure to engage with. From the very first call I knew Noise will be perfect for us. Robbie took the time to understand our needs and vision and came up with branding and web design that perfectly captured our needs. Communication is simply perfect with Noise as they were always prompt with responding to our emails. I would definitely recommend Noise to anybody who needs an exceptional service, quality and value for money.
    Pratheesh Chambeth
    Pratheesh Chambeth
    26 July 2023
    The guys @Noise are absolutely amazing, best company I have worked with without a shadow of a doubt.
    Peter Kingston
    Peter Kingston
    26 July 2023
    Paul and Robbie have changed the game for my business digitally. They are an agency that cover all bases and have streamlined marketing for my business while driving leads consistently. They are incredibly responsive which is needed for the fast nature of my business, incredible team! Thank you Noise.
    Glenn McGoldrick
    Glenn McGoldrick
    24 July 2023
    I started working with Noise over 2 years ago when I was initially looking for rebranding and new website. They absolutely smashed my new brand name, new logo and new website! I would be very particular in how I wanted few things done and they were fantastic - we always find ways how to make things work from their point of expertise but also making me happy. They are always on the other side of email/phone if I need them. Their work speaks for itself- no surprise they are leading digital marketing company
    Maria Schartova
    Maria Schartova
    24 July 2023

    Rated #1 Digital Marketing Agency in Ireland by Best In Ireland

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    1. What is included in your Digital Marketing packages?

      Our digital marketing packages work on a month to month basis with prices starting from €690 + VAT per month. It is a done for you ad management service where we will take full control of the creation, optimization and scaling of your ad campaigns across all relevant platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok & Google. Unlike other agencies we don’t tie you into 6 or 12 month contract if you are not happy with the results we are getting for your business you can cancel anytime.

    2. What is included in your social media management packages?

      If you are just looking to dip your toe in the water or perhaps your business is currently at full capacity but you are looking to future proof and start building your social presence now. Our social media management packages are for you. With prices starting from only €490 per month this is a great way to get started and finally take the headache of daily social content off your list. Our social media management packages can take care of it all, content creation, photography, videography, social posting, community engagement and replying to comments.

    3. What are the benefits of digital marketing?

      Digital marketing offers numerous benefits for businesses, especially when partnering with a reputable digital marketing agency in Cork. By harnessing the power of digital platforms, businesses can enhance their online presence, reach a wider audience, and achieve significant growth.

    4. What Are the Key Elements of a Successful Marketing Strategy?

      A successful marketing strategy consists of several key elements. Firstly, it requires identifying and understanding the target audience to tailor the marketing efforts effectively. Thorough market research is essential to gain insights into competitors and industry trends, aiding in making informed decisions. Defining a unique selling proposition (USP) is crucial to differentiate the business from competitors and communicate its value to customers. Clear objectives must be set, outlining measurable and achievable marketing goals to track progress and overall success.

    5. Would my business benefit from digital marketing?

      Yes, your business can undoubtedly benefit from digital marketing agency in Cork. Digital marketing offers various advantages, including increased online visibility, targeted reach, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to connect with your audience more effectively. By leveraging digital channels and platforms, you can reach a broader audience, build brand awareness, and drive more qualified leads, ultimately leading to business growth and success.

    6. How can I measure the success of my digital marketing campaigns?

      Measuring the success of your digital marketing campaigns is crucial to understanding their effectiveness and making data-driven decisions. Here are key performance indicators (KPIs) to consider for measuring success:

      Conversion Rate: Measure the percentage of website visitors who complete a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. Return on Investment (ROI): Calculate the revenue generated in comparison to the amount spent on marketing efforts.

      Website Traffic: Track the number of visitors to your website over time. Click-Through Rate (CTR): Measure the percentage of people who clicked on a specific link or ad compared to the total number of impressions. Engagement Metrics: Analyze social media likes, shares, comments, and email open rates to gauge audience engagement.

    7. Do I need to hire a digital marketing agency for my business?

      Hiring a digital marketing agency can be highly beneficial, especially if you lack the expertise or resources to manage effective campaigns in-house. A reputable agency brings expertise, experience, and access to advanced tools to help your business succeed online. They can create tailored strategies, implement campaigns, and analyse results, allowing you to focus on core business operations.

      Digital marketing company offer specialised expertise. They can save time and resources for other business tasks. Agencies provide access to advanced marketing tools and analytics.

    8. What to look For when hiring a marketing agency in Ireland?

      When hiring a digital marketing agency in Ireland, consider the following factors:
      Experience and Track Record, Services Offered, Client Reviews and Testimonials, Communication and Transparency, and Budget and Pricing.

      Prioritise experience and a strong track record. Select an agency with relevant services for your business goals and positive client reviews and open communication are indicators of a reliable agency.

    9. What services does your digital marketing agency offer?

      We offer a comprehensive range of services to help businesses thrive in the online landscape such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising and Email Marketing are part of our services. We use direct response marketing methods to garner almost instant results. Our Digital marketing agency also offers branding and web design and development services.