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    Leading Web Design Solutions in Galway

    noise stands out as a prominent web design company in Galway,
    specializing in delivering exceptional website design and development solutions tailored for businesses in one of Ireland's largest cities.

    Provided a very professional, well designed and on-time eCommerce platform for our business. Advised on what to exclude as much as what was essential so felt service was custom developed, with a real interest in getting the job done well.
    Philip O'C
    Philip O'C
    31 July 2023
    Working with the guys at Noise was a pleasure. They always got back to me when I required help and were easy to collaborate with. We would recommend Noise ;)
    Twenty Cork
    Twenty Cork
    31 July 2023
    It has been a pleasure to work with Robbie and the team at Noise. From the get go, they stood out from all the other marketing agencies, showed an extremely professional approach to every aspect of the project, and showed genuine exciting in helping us with our new branding. Highly recommend!
    Smiley Dogg
    Smiley Dogg
    28 July 2023
    If you’re looking to scale your business with creative marketing strategies or get a website built and designed I would highly recommend noise. There are a very professional and extremely helpful and hard working on there clients needs. Our business has excelled greatly since working with Noise.
    D tech
    D tech
    27 July 2023
    Robbie and his team provided a diligent and professional service while helping us build our Website
    Mark Patrick Livingstone
    Mark Patrick Livingstone
    27 July 2023
    Working with Noise has been collaborative, professional and creative their team is dynamic in their apporach which is essential to stand-out and get results on-line. They worked hand in hand with our marketing team to manage our social and enhance our content for campaigns. They also undertook a deepdive on our website performance & experience and led a redesign based on insights to enhance the enagegment for clients, families and partners of the Crann Centre
    Louis O'Sullivan
    Louis O'Sullivan
    27 July 2023
    The most pleasant Web Design firm I have had the pleasure to engage with. From the very first call I knew Noise will be perfect for us. Robbie took the time to understand our needs and vision and came up with branding and web design that perfectly captured our needs. Communication is simply perfect with Noise as they were always prompt with responding to our emails. I would definitely recommend Noise to anybody who needs an exceptional service, quality and value for money.
    Pratheesh Chambeth
    Pratheesh Chambeth
    26 July 2023
    The guys @Noise are absolutely amazing, best company I have worked with without a shadow of a doubt.
    Peter Kingston
    Peter Kingston
    26 July 2023
    Paul and Robbie have changed the game for my business digitally. They are an agency that cover all bases and have streamlined marketing for my business while driving leads consistently. They are incredibly responsive which is needed for the fast nature of my business, incredible team! Thank you Noise.
    Glenn McGoldrick
    Glenn McGoldrick
    24 July 2023
    I started working with Noise over 2 years ago when I was initially looking for rebranding and new website. They absolutely smashed my new brand name, new logo and new website! I would be very particular in how I wanted few things done and they were fantastic - we always find ways how to make things work from their point of expertise but also making me happy. They are always on the other side of email/phone if I need them. Their work speaks for itself- no surprise they are leading digital marketing company
    Maria Schartova
    Maria Schartova
    24 July 2023

    What makes us an award winning agency.

    1. At noise web design agency, we develop websites that are custom built to meet your needs. We take pride in coding back-end solutions that act as the unseen backbone to your website.

    2. We make use of the latest technologies and rely on high-speed HTML, JavaScript and CSS to deliver best-practice website code and ensure your websites experience is a speedy one.

    3. We test, tweak and optimise websites to ensure the most seamless experience, regardless of the user’s device.

    4. We are a full service agency meaning that rather dealing with multiple agencies for individual services, noise takes care of it all. From Brand Strategy, Website design and development, Social media management to digital marketing campaigns.

    eCommerce Client Result

    graph one
    graph two


    Web Traffic

    124% increase in traffic


    87% increase in online sales

    Return on Ad Spend

    800% return

    Tailored Solutions for Every Business in Galway

    Working along side our marketing team, we will find natural breakpoints within the content to ensure clear Call To Actions are inserted throughout the design, as a full service website design agency we put equal onus on Design, Usability and Conversions - Leaving you with a website which looks beautiful but also converts.

    Your Trusted Web Design Partner in Galway

    In a competitive online environment, noise becomes your ally. As an online business in Galway, capitalize on the city's strengths with our professional and experienced web designers. We are committed to transforming your ideas into visually stunning, fully functional, and conversion-optimized online platforms, making us the go-to web design agency in Galway for your website design needs.

    We like Design!

    Our developers work closely with our web design team from the start of the project, collaborating on ideas that are tailored made to the needs of your business and your audience. Meaning you are left with a website which is uniquely yours.

    But we know you like sales...

    As an ROI driven web design agency in Cork - we build websites that convert to leads and sales. Helping to Impact Top Line Revenue with delivery of an exceptional and intuitive solution.

    Our Workflow.

    This is typical process in noise web design & development projects.

    1. The process begins with a non-obligatory discovery call over Google meet. Here we proceed to have a brief call to talk about the project and determine if our services would be a good fit for your needs.

    2. Once you have decided to proceed with the project, an invoice with a deposit request is issued and due before discovery.

    3. Creative concepts establishing navigation, fonts, imagery and color create a digital language for your brand. Once approved, they are translated into layout, a visual structure and categorization of information. UX flow and strategies are implemented to provide immersive interactions that lead to conversion. Which will be presented to you over Google Meet or in person.

    4. The front-end of the digital experience is the part that a user sees and directly interacts with. HTML (structure and content), CSS (styling) and JavaScript (interactivity) is used to transition approved web designs into the user’s browser. All website design will be responsively integrated.

    5. A staging site to evaluate the developed website and/ or app. Delivery triggers the start of functional QA.

    6. Back end build consists of the server, application and database. A content management system (CMS) is integrated to enable management of web content. We will select a CMS that best fits the requirements of the project.

    7. Resources within specified time frame to QA the pre-production (staging) website and/or app before user testing and launch.

    8. Once you are 100% delighted with your new website, we arrange for a launch day. The go live process normally take approx 3 hours.

    Featured work

    We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on web design and content right through to digital.

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    Website Design & Development

    Insight Insurance

    Website Design & Development

    Printed Cups

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    Fishy Fishy

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    Trusted by industry leaders

    We like our clients. We like helping them seize opportunities and find solutions. They are friends and co-conspirators. Together we build ideas, and build on those ideas.

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    1. How much does it cost to hire a Website Design Agency In Ireland?

      The cost of hiring a Web design agency in Ireland can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the agency's reputation, expertise, project scope, and complexity. Generally, a basic website design in Ireland can range from £1000 to £5000, while more complex and custom-designed websites can cost £5000 to £10,000 or more. It is essential to discuss your requirements and get detailed quotes from multiple agencies to find the best fit for your budget. Get detailed quotes from multiple agencies for accurate cost estimation.

    2. What is the role of Web Design in website performance?

      Web design plays a crucial role in the performance of a website in several ways:

      User Experience (UX): A well-designed website ensures smooth navigation, intuitive interface, and easy access to information, enhancing user satisfaction.

      Page Load Speed: An optimised design with proper coding and media files helps improve page load speed, reducing bounce rates and boosting SEO rankings.

      Mobile Compatibility: Responsive web design ensures that the website adapts to various devices, providing a seamless experience for mobile users.

      Brand Image: A visually appealing and professional design establishes a positive brand image, gaining trust and credibility from visitors.

      UX-focused design enhances user satisfaction. Optimised design improves page load speed and SEO. Mobile compatibility is essential for a growing mobile audience.

    3. Is responsive design essential for my website?

      Yes, responsive design is essential for your website. With the increasing use of mobile devices, having a responsive design ensures that your website displays and functions correctly on various screen sizes. It offers a consistent user experience across devices, reduces the need for separate mobile sites, and positively impacts SEO rankings. Additionally, search engines like Google prioritise mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results.

      Responsive web design in Galway provides a consistent user experience. It eliminates the need for separate mobile sites. Mobile-friendly websites rank higher in mobile search results.

    4. Which Content Management System (CMS) is best for beginners?

      For beginners, WordPress is one of the best Content Management Systems to consider. It is user-friendly, intuitive, and offers a vast library of themes and plugins that simplify website management. With a user-friendly interface, beginners can easily create, update, and manage website content without extensive technical knowledge. Additionally, WordPress has a large community, making it easier to find tutorials and support.

    5. How can a website design impact my online visibility?

      Website design significantly impacts online visibility and SEO. Some key factors include:

      SEO-Friendly Structure: A well-structured design with clean code helps search engines understand your website better, leading to improved rankings.

      Mobile Responsiveness:Mobile-friendly websites rank higher in mobile search results, as Google considers mobile-friendliness a crucial ranking factor.

      User Engagement: A visually appealing and user-friendly design encourages visitors to stay longer on your site, reducing bounce rates and indicating quality content to search engines.

      Page Load Speed: Optimised design improves page load speed, a factor Google considers for search rankings.

      A well-structured design improves SEO rankings. Mobile responsiveness is vital for mobile search visibility. User engagement and page load speed impact search rankings.

    6. Why should I design my website in Ireland?

      Irish design companies are highly respected worldwide. Ireland is known for its creative culture with a strong emphasis on creativity and unique design concepts, helping customers to create something that stands out from the crowd. Irish agencies have years of experience working with clients from all over the world, helping to ensure customers get the best service and support when needed. There are a wide range of talented professionals available in Ireland, from web designers to developers, ensuring customers have access to the best talent. Ireland has a vibrant and friendly tech community, providing customers with an opportunity to meet and network with like-minded professionals.

    7. Where do you see the future of Web Design in Ireland?

      The future of web design in Ireland is bright—with the rapid growth of technology, customers are increasingly expecting more engaging, intuitive user experiences. Web designers in Ireland are at the forefront of this trend, creating stunning products that merge creativity, usability, and strong business principles.

    8. What are some current Web Design trends to keep in mind?

      Some current trends for web design in Galway include:

      Dark Mode: Dark-themed interfaces are gaining popularity due to their modern and eye-catching appeal, reducing eye strain for users.

      Microinteractions: These small, subtle animations or effects add interactivity and delight to the user experience, making it more engaging.

      Minimalism: Simple and clutter-free web designs with ample white space create a focused and elegant user interface.

      Voice User Interface (VUI):Integrating voice-activated features enables hands-free navigation and interaction, catering to the growing voice search trend.

      3D Elements: Adding three-dimensional elements and illustrations brings depth and creativity to the design.

    Voted #2 Web Design Agency in Ireland

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